Scientific Socialism No.3 July 2018

August 22, 2018


New Issue (No. 3) of Marxist-Leninist journal Scientific Socialism is out. ……… The issue contains the following articles: (20 pages) 1. Homage to Karl Marx The Thinker Who Was Above All A Revolutionary 2. The Second International at Crossroads (Suraj Kumar) 3. Fascist Onslaught in India (Sakhav) 4. Growth or Jobless Growth: What Does the […]

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August 22, 2018


CPI(ML) Red Star (hereafter RS) led by comrade K.N.Ramachandran has published its draft political resolution for their forthcoming party congress. The said draft resolution has been published in the party’s central organ Red Star in the August 2018 issue. We have read the draft political resolution (hereafter pol res) with great interest. Yet we cannot […]

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What is Economics :: Rosa Luxembourg

August 1, 2018


Economics is a peculiar science. Problems and controversies arise as soon as we take the first step in this field of knowledge, as soon as the fundamental question – what is the subject matter of this science – is posed. The ordinary working man, who has only a very vague idea of what economics deals […]

Urgent Declaration for Nicaragua

July 24, 2018


Jul 19, 2018 By this, as intellectuals, social activists and academics, we want to express our deep rejection of the very serious situation of state political violence and violation of Human Rights that Nicaragua is going through, [and assert the] responsibility of the current regime of Ortega-Murillo, which has resulted in about three hundred dead […]

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Petition from V D Savarkar (Convict No. 32778) to the Home Member of the Government of India, dated November 14, 1913

July 11, 2018


Below is the text of mercy petition written by V.D Savarkar to the British India Government from Cellular jail in Andaman. The authenticity of this petition has been denied by the Hindutva supporters and ideologues. Yet, this document stands and has been reproduced by RC Majumdar, who is considered to be a historian of Hindutva […]

Fascist Onslaught in India

July 3, 2018


Sakhav The ascendancy of the BJP to power marked the beginning of fascist onslaught in India. Enforcing a militant nationalism, atrocious violations of labour laws, brutal repression of dissidents, creating mass hysteria by using various means of media, armed squads to terrorise minorities and dalits, these are the characteristics of the fascist terror that India […]

Growth or Jobless Growth: What Does the Statistics Say?

July 3, 2018


Damodar If any sector has been affected most in four years of Modi government definitely it is the economy. Courtesy Modi and his finance minister Arun Jaitley, today there has been a perceptible decline in every sector of the economy. From Manufacturing to service and from joblessness to jobless growth. The impending economic catastrophe is […]

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